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Who We Are


Sierra Cares Foundation is based in Makeni, Sierra Leone and has been operating for the past 10 years by volunteer, Ibrahim Bangura, to assist women and children who are vulnerable to poverty, human trafficking and lack of food and housing.  Sierra Cares Foundation became a registered official US non-profit in September 2020 and will continue to sponsor children for school, orphan children with no other source of support and to aide vulnerable women to gain education and employment to live independently. We believe that prevention, not reaction, is the key to changing communities and supporting them for long term sustainability.

Why Makeni

We believe all women and children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Working towards sustainable living for women and children who are vulnerable to poverty, disease, and lack of education. Many Sierra Leonean woman and children seek jobs in countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. with the hopes of finding steady work and funding to send home. Most are tricked and enslaved in horrific working conditions where they are victims of labor and sex trafficking, so do not make it home. When these women do make it home, they are often shunned by their family and members of the community, typically due to the abuse they suffered, facial and bodily deformities and pregnancies. Sierra Cares Foundation aims to provide community education to prevent more women from being sold to Middle Eastern Countries looking to abuse them, and children forced into labor or child bride/marriage and/or prostitution situations.


Sierra Care foundation serves to provide:

  • Emergency safe shelter for vulnerable women and parentless children, with no other options,

  • To help educate Children in the Makeni School through sponsorships, and

  • To provide education in the form of literacy, basic hygiene, job training and financial independence to live on their own successfully. This includes a micro loan program for families to get on their feet.


100% of your donations on this site will go towards rental dispersion for a year, education and food for parentless children in our schools, and staff stipends to continue to provide the programs we offer to help children in our schools,  women who have been trafficked, child brides and child soldiers to get an education in a safe environment.

We Need Your Support Today!

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