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Safe Shelter

Since 2019, Sierra Cares Foundation repatriated nearly 511 women back home after being kept in state sanctioned slavery in the Middle East. This required collaboration with help from our partners to help these women find freedom.

Our repatriation program's crucial component is safe housing for these women to reintegrate back into society.  With the high number of women coming home to Sierra Leone, it is not possible to shelter them in one Safe House. We know these numbers will continue to rise each year.


To help remedy this and offer secure housing with their families and within their communities, Sierra Cares Foundation offers a rental assistance program for 6-12 months, to help meet the most basic need for these precious women and their families. Sierra Cares Foundation does this through a trauma-informed approach that allows each woman to live within her desired community and gain access to employment and education, so she can re-establish herself in a safe and secure manner, without the fear of knowing where she will sleep at night. 


Please consider becoming a one time or monthly donor to this crucial program.  A re-occurring $25 a month will provide for rental assistance for up to 4 women a year.

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