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Community Center

In October 2020, Sierra Cares Foundation received a generous donation that allowed the team to secure land to build our Community Center in a safe and central location for members of the Makeni Community and those within the Sierra Cares Program to access. 

At Sierra Cares Foundation, we recognize that many women and children continue to stay in poverty due to lack of access and barriers to education; so while we are able to send our students to school, we also need to provide continued education for the women in our program to successfully live and support themselves. 


This community center will be a safe place for the repatriated women and vulnerable women in the Makeni community, to continue (or access) education for literacy, math, hygiene, and job training.  All of these initiatives are crucial to self-sustainability and recognizing the dignity of each precious life in our program. Sierra Cares Foundation wants to pour into each woman to see their value and worthiness of being a member of the Makeni Community.

Community Center 2.png

Please consider donating to help us realize the dream of completing the Community Center in 2022 and to continue to offer sustainable programs to help strengthen and build this community. 


100% of the funds donated for the Community Center go into this project.  

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