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Kelly Dore


"Kelly is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Sierra Cares Foundation, which serves to repatriate, educate and serve vulnerable women and children in the Makeni region of Sierra Leone, she also is an International policy consultant for many organizations including government entities and non-profits on Best Practice and Ethical Standards, Voluntourism, Orphanage Trafficking and Migrant Repatriation.

About Kelly

Kelly has an International Policy consulting firm, Montezillo, LLC, which serves to help non-profit leaders build healthy organizations through strategic planning, trauma informed care and helps elected officials write and implement legislation and funding for exploited and vulnerable populations in the US, Europe And Developing Nations. Kelly is passionate about walking with women and vulnerable communities working to help them thrive and know they are worth loving. This passion has taken her around the world, but she has found her heart lies in the people of Makeni and she is blessed to be a part of this organization.

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