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Andrea Hobart


Andrea has been a certified flight attendant with a major US airline for nearly twenty years. During this time, she has served in roles including the Hiring Team for new flight attendants and corporate community projects such as the ESPYS, the V Foundation and professional sporting events.

About Andrea

Andrea is a representative for the Air, Safety, Health and Security Committee with the Association of Flight Attendants. 

Since 2014, Andrea has been part of a team of professionals educating airline and airport employees, law enforcement and others worldwide on awareness and prevention of human trafficking. 

Two years ago, this group in association with anti-trafficking organizations and government agencies became aware of a horrific trafficking situation involving numerous women from Sierra Leone.  Attention to this matter resulted in the repatriation of nearly fifty women who had been exploited in a country in the Middle East.

Currently, Sierra Cares Foundation is supporting and empowering orphans, vulnerable individuals and survivors of human trafficking in northern Sierra Leone. Andrea desires to see lives in this community restored and positioned for their destinies, and she is honored to be a part of the Sierra Cares Foundation team.

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