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Welcome to Sierra Cares Foundation


Provides sustainable living for women and children who are vulnerable to poverty, disease, exploitation, and lack of education.


1) Provide emergency safe shelter for vulnerable women and parentless children that have no other options,

2) Offer sponsorships to children in the Makeni School, and

3) Educate in the form of literacy, mental health, basic hygiene, job training, and financial independence to live on their own successfully. This includes a micro loan program for families to get on their feet.


Sierra Cares Foundation is based in Makeni, Sierra Leone and has been operating for the past 10 years by volunteer, Ibrahim Bangura, to assist women and children who are vulnerable to poverty, exploitation, and lack of food and housing.


We offer safe haven in emergency situations, tailored to individual needs, sponsorship for school children in the Makeni program, and education and job creation for vulnerable people.


Sponsor a child in the Makeni School so that they have access to education and remove the barriers of poverty and exploitation. At Sierra Cares Foundation, we do not take an administrative fee to from the donations collected. All work is done voluntarily by the Founders and Board Members to ensure that 100% of your donation goes to where it should, which is to our programs, sponsored children, and staff stipends each month.

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